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Looking for an easy and efficient way to create videos for your YouTube channel? Look no further than Script to Video Generator! Our video generator tool allows you to quickly and easily turn your written content into high-quality videos that are perfect for engaging your audience. With Script to Video Generator, you can take your YouTube content to the next level in no time. Try it out today!

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Today I will share two methods with you, by doing which you can make any type of video.

You just have to add the script and automatically the video will be created.


First method is for those people who want to convert the script into animation video and second.

Method for those people who want to create any type of video by editing the script.

And all these videos will be in Hindi language, and you can create absolutely free of cost and I myself will upload that video on youtube and show that copy It seems that if not then we start this video without much fear, then we will do it steve.I.


Only I tool you create animation video using text.

Then through this website, you can paste any type of video just text If.

You can create it.

Then you will get both free and pay versions in this website.

If we do it for free, then click on sign up for free and enter your username, email id and password and click on sign up and send the email Also verify .

Our dashboard has been opened below.

You can see the script, you can convert it into video.

You can convert script into animation.

You can block, video, block information and other options.

Coming, listen to these four.

Which, one option you choose then I am going to show you two options.

How to do that first click on script animation, click on start then auto generate will be asked to script, but I cancel it now and I am late.

So we all If you want to enter some manual script.

First of all we have to prepare the script, Hindi script, I will do it for him.

Whether it is secret or secret, I searched in Chaat secret, generated YouTube script in Hindi, on five way, you on money, on light.

Then I I have got the script in Hindi after typing it.

So I am going to copy and paste this script, I have pasted it in notepad on the website, I have copied it.

And you have to paste it, directly, here, then automatically all the science will be created.


First of all scene is hello.

Friends in today's video.

We will talk about five ways to earn money online in seconds, affiliate marketing, then blogging, youtube, freelancing and online teaching so I pasted my complete script.

And you are given below options here.

What Ise your video about to aapka video, kiske, bade, me, usse, dal, dijiye to main dal, deta, ho, online, learning, aur, aapko type of video, select karna animation.

Video, se.

Next option, kya, add voice over and add music, too If.

You click on voice, over.

You can also animate text to speech, but I would recommend you to record your own voice and add it to your video.

Then you only have to speak in Hindi language and record that voice.

Hai like I am ordering here from order city software.

So in this way you have to record voice and add it to your video, otherwise, you can also do text to speech like you will click on advice, over, language thing will have to be done.

But you How few options are available, English, Friend, German, Italian.

Then you have to select English.

And in Accent, you have to select Indian.

Then only you must be thinking that I have written script in Hindi and I am selecting English in language.

There is no Hindi option, even then The language that you have selected here.

It will create a speech in Hindi and give you only one gender, select female and I can select the voice, either Raveena or Kajal.

Select and play it.

You can hear I.

Am Kajal.

So now this voice will create me full script in hindi.

Then this part is complete click on next.


So I am getting an error Indonesian is not supported aate.

D moment in steve dot ai.

What does it mean that the script I have written in hindi is not supporting these people are saying that in indonesian language you have to write script in english.

But I will tell you a trick that you Whatever script is written in Hindi.

You have to add some such English words, like.

You can see here.

Now, first, way, I have written here.

First way, I have written second in lieu of second, on third way, I have written something.

English sentence has also been created.

I have translated this sentence in Hindi and created it in English, so I copy it and I cancel.

This part below and add the science of English, ok, gas, After completing so much , I, click on Next.

Now you have to select Animation Themes that you What kind of video to create, in animation.

You get so many options.

You can see which theme you like best, select it, ok, then I, select the second theme.

Then we have to wait for a few seconds.

This science is our processing.

Ok gas is happening.

So our video is completely created.

You can see all the science has also been created animation has also been created in this way.

You put the text and your video will automatically be created.

So now I will play and show you Hello friends, in today's video.

We will talk about the 5th day of earning money.

Online [music], The.

First way is affiliate marketing, in this.

You have to promote the products of a company.

And if someone buys the product from your gender, then you will get its commission.


If you get it, how did you like this video,? It looked so simple, creating animation video, only with the help of text and the audio that I did.

It is also matching the audio completely.

And it is like a real human is speaking please.

Audio You can do that or record your own voice, exactly like this and add your voice.

But here you do not have the option to add your own voice.

So what can you do by downloading this video Upload this video in any editing up or editing software and add your voice,? All you have to do is speak.

This script, all you have to do is now.

How do you customize this video, I show you that, first of all we have to do this character.

Click on the character you want to change.

You will get two options.

So I have got so many characters related to earning, so I, select it.

Let me reduce its size a little bit, OK.

And you will get more options on the side of the video, click on the characters to change the character.


How many characters do you get? But maximum characters here is tree.

Then you have to upgrade, but you can do free characters thing also you can choose how many properties you get by clicking on properties.

If If you want to change this text, then select it, click on edit.

And here you can enter any other text.

You want to enter, or you will get the option.

You want to highlight, list bullet points and code.

You can do that.

But here.

You do not get much editing options, but I will tell you how you can edit this video.

Well later.

So now this is just an animation video.

Video title, all other premium versions.

Now you can see Total, Cost, Zero, Hamara, Kuch, Bhi, Paise, Nahi, Jayega, So, I am ready to download and keep one thing in mind that if you download this video, you will also see this kind of Tube, Eye branding, wiremark.

So if you want this wiremark, then any editing up editing If, you can also do the height with the software .

Then we have to wait a little here.

Our rendering has started, now I click on download, and it will be downloaded and I am going to open it.

[Music] affiliate marketing in this If.

You want to promote the products of a company.

Then you get its commission, now in this video, you can see below, we have also got watermark.

So you can hide it from any editing up or software.

It is up to you, isn't, it?, Put, your own logo or subscribe button.

So now we have learned how to create animation videos.

Now, again, I go to dashboard.

Now I show other options, now, I, select script, video and whatever I told you that in script animation option, you have to do that thing in script video, very quickly, I insert this script [music], ok, I have completed all this method and click on next.

Now you see You can see the proper option.

You can see the template has been completely changed.

If you click on it, then you can add another copyright free image video instead of this template.

But you can see how many premiums are there.

Then you will get this premium.

He doesn't have to do it here.

Instead of show which you have to select free and type your text.

And according to that, you will get image and video then all these images are copyright free.

So you can do it otherwise.

You can also own You can upload if you want, you can download copyright free images and videos for free from pixels or, then I download this video and upload it here, I, select this video and If.

You go here.

You can download the video from accordingly and upload it here and I will pay the tax I want to change the layout, I, put it below, by clicking on the layout.

Different layouts are also available.

You can see how many layouts are available, so I, select this layout, let's go to the next science.

The first method is flat, marketing., This type of market is excited.

You can click here and take the video.

You can take the image here, but I will tell you the second step, you go to and search any marketing image.


And from here, you can make it .

Templates are available, absolutely free.

You just have to change the text and your video will be made.

Then you can also take all these videos, so that your video will be better.

Then this is the best method, create your own template from and add in your video.

This is the first tablet I select and customized distemplate.

So this template is completely made only I have to change the text.

And I can do that else.

You can select second tablet like this.

Here, But I, am late by changing the text.

All you have to do is reduce it.

And you have to do something custom, you can do that by coming to the elements.

You can select marketing, write anything, and you will get its elements.

And if you want to add animation, then click on it.


Now here I am getting some error see video duration is less than scene duration.

Ok, gas to upload my video before that you can see how many errors I have got see video duration is less than scene.

Duration means, which This is the duration of the video, I took it very less.

I kept the duration of this video for 12 seconds.

So now I do not get the error.

Then you have to keep this duration a little longer, only then you will not get the error.

The first method is done.

Now let's go to the third science.

I have given full detail in the marketing section, how to do a marketing, if you want to change its background, then first of all what I will do is go to the layout and select the out.

Then this text is properly below.

Now I will change its background.

So I, select which one image from here.

I liked this image and write here.

Affiliate marketing on top I kept its size, 22 seconds if whatever size is given here in timer double zero pen, 11 So, you have to double it.

So I have kept 22 seconds and click on the lion.

And the download is now downloaded I click here just saw I have no problem while uploading you have to follow the method I told you that much The duration of the template has to be kept a little more, I, select it.

Then this template has been completed.

So if you have a problem in selecting the duration, then you can see the same by going to the next timer.

If 11 is written here, then you have to double it., Hoga, agar, agar, 30 written hai to double hai to 11 hai double 22, hai, mein, ki, 22 sec.

Video, ke, liye, hai, isko, main karta, ho, gaya [music], ok, to third science, bhi created ho.

Gaya abhi.

Fourth, science, hai.

Second, tariya, hai, Blogging to blogging I have to put image video, I, click on swipe again, upload then I just put any image I told how to do video go to camera create video and upload so I did some blogging The image is downloaded.

I, select it, open it.

Now, I put this text below on this site, ok.

This scene has also been created, since 15.

You have given full details in the big blog.

So now you have understood how to science How to create, how to change the template, make your video, a little attractive in this way and create such templates, add the image.

So that your video will be very good and keep one thing in mind, click on the audio, and you will get this music It has been given, I, delete it.

And you can add any copyright free music from YouTube music.

Library, here.

If you click on add music, then you can upload copyright free music, here, only then I removed the music and published Click on it.

Now here you can see I am asking to pay $19 here.

How many premium images I have done before so I have to delete this image? And if you see in the video, how many premiums have I done in the video So, you have to do the free version, and you have to delete the premium that you have done.

So if I want to go to the box and whatever premium you have done for that, you can see it here on top.

This is premium, then this premium I have to remove and replace the image [MUSIC] Ok gas.

So I have changed all the images and videos.

Whatever premium image video was done by changing.

It I have uploaded copyright, free images and videos.

And again, I am late in publishing.

Now you can see total zero is showing Because I have removed all the premium images and videos and change its title and download it.

So our video has gone into rendering.

Then I am waiting in fear.


Gas to my video, render ho, chuka, hai, I, click on download Let me download.

And let me open it, in today's video.

We will talk about if your block part traffic comes.

Then you can make Adsense money from it.

Now you can make it exactly like this.

You can customize your video canvas, With, the help of .com, now, I, upload this video to YouTube and click on create, select the upload video and open it, see whether we have copyright in this video or not, because we have done text to speech, here.

But I will recommend you instead of text to speech .

It will be better.

If you do your own voice, then going ahead, you will not face any problem in monetization.

Then you can use your own voice.

You can use audio recorder.

So now we have Here.

You will have to wait a bit, whether it is copyright or not.

It is being checked.

So before you upload any YouTube video, you should check whether that video is copyrighted or not, directly.

You do not have to make it public.

Ok, guys.

You can see it.


Found means there is no copyright issue in this video.

So I am going to make it private before publishing any video.

First of all I am going to do it after that.

So today, I have shared two method with you script video and script.

You animation, just we have to paste the script and automatically video will be created.

Just we have to pay attention in customization for customer session.

You can create so many beautiful templates by using and make your video more attractive.


You can talk about animation.

You will not be able to change the background color in animation, for that.

You can change the color.

If you want, if you are getting options here, what can you do? Download this video and open it in any editing software.

Do? And you can customize this animation video according to your own by creating a template from

How did you like this video, do tell me in the comment, which one of these two methods, follow the method and go to your YouTube channel and Keep one thing in mind before uploading any video, customize it well, make an attractive video.

If you do it with your own voice, then it is very good.

Then we share this video here, then like the video with your friends.

bhi, sher, karna channel, not subscribed yet subscribe, subscribe like mode.

Interesting video watching on thanks for watching bye.


Take care [music].


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