Best (& Worst) Lettering Tattoos ✍ Ink Master (2023)


From custom fonts that no one saw coming to totally illegible text, here’s a look at the highs and lows of Ink Master lettering tattoos.

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(Tattoo gun, buzzing) - What.

Do you think? - This is lovely.

- I'm feeling a lot of pressure to live up to what everyone is expecting from me.

- It's, definitely my style.


- Awesome.

- Where's Sarah, getting from? A, dumpster?, I, can't believe that Sarah is such a specialist that she can't even do letters.

- Welcome artists.

This, week, we're testing, your adaptability.

- Adaptability is just being able to do everything that comes your way.

A, hard canvas and easy, canvas, light, skin, dark, skin., All of that is adaptability.

- Today.

Your canvases are risk.



This challenge, you must tattoo your canvas with a word that represents how they get the most out of life.

Lettering is incredibly difficult to tattoo, because it requires clean, consistent lines.

- If.

You can't.

Move smooth.

Fluid lines all the way through your design, your lettering's gonna look like (beep).

- You must also incorporate an image into your design.

You must use adaptability to make the image.

And the lettering work together perfectly.

- I pretty much suck at lettering.

I'm, not looking forward to this challenge.

- Your canvases have been randomly assigned and you'll have three hours to tattoo.

Let's head inside and meet your canvases.

(upbeat music) - Hi.

- How're.

You doing? - Hi.

- Artists.

Your time begins now.

- What's the word you want? - Conquer, to represent my conquer over my addiction.

- I come from a history of addiction, also.

I, wasted.

My life for about eight years on methamphetamines.

I did nine months in a rehab.


- I did 10 months in a rehab, home.

- Because of our similar histories, my canvas and I are able to come up with a great idea., I know, I can rock this.

One out.

- I'm kind of leaving it in your hands.

So have as much creative freedom.

As you want.

- Sweet.

- Now that Scott and Matti have set a fire under my ass, I plan on taking this competition by the balls.

(upbeat, music), The main way, I'm gonna show adaptability is by how the letters actually adapt well to the design part of it to make one solid smooth piece.

- Two hours remaining everybody.

- My canvas wants realistic hands holding the world and the words he wants done in tribal, tribal.

It's gonna look horrible.

It's, not gonna flow.

I think I'm screwed.

- What is this right? Here? - That's a petal forming.

I thought it kind of added to the sentiment of it.

All I.

Wanna do is make America proud of me.


Wanna show them that there's.

A reason they voted me, back.

There's, such an added pressure that I didn't understand last time, I, get it now.

- One hour.

Remaining, one hour left to go, everybody.

- Think we're doing good.

To make the lettering just as extreme as what the word's trying to say.

That's key in this design.

Shred means really fast, broken up gnarly, lettering.

- Tattoos really reflect the artists that are doing 'em.


The artist is really wimpy, you're gonna get wimpy tattoos.

- My canvas wants graffiti.

Letters, I'm.

A graffiti artist.

This is it right? Here.

Graffiti letters are big.

They're, bulky., You, can't.

Do that stuff? Small.

Yeah, yeah., It's, good., Not, finished.

- Five, four, three, two, one., That's.

It machine's down., Time's, up., No, more ink.

- What.

Does it say though? - [Scott] T, R, I, U, M, P, H, triumph.

- Triumph.

You can't even read what Scott's tattoo says., I definitely know, I did a better piece than Scott today.

- [Scott] Can't believe you beasted that out in three hours.

- Thank.

You Scott, for talking all that (beep) because now I'm coming out in beast, mode.

- [Dave] King Ruck.

- [Chris] Obviously it's.

Not finished.

Being adaptable is about taking their ideas, making art.

The customer's gonna be happy with that you can finish within the time period.

- [Dave] Jim.

- [Chris] Lettering is super crisp.

It stands apart from the lion.

This is perfect for what this client asks for.

- [Dave] Jay.

- Adaptability is all about walk-ins.

So I just went at it.

The way I used to take walk-ins.

No reference to go.

- [Chris] It is a little off in the shape and the design.

A little bit of reference would've helped you out.

- [Dave] Melisa.

- [Chris] When.

You have lettering mixed in with the design.

The lettering needs to be bolder to make it stand apart from every other line.

- [Dave] Sausage.

- [Chris] The style of lettering.

You chose, it fits the image because it gives us that thrasher design aesthetic.

It's, a great job.

- This guy wanted a badass design.

And he got a design that you would see on a little kid's lunchbox.

- Lydia.

Where did you get this font? From? - He loves tribal, I wanted to do script.

- [Chris] If.

Your guy wants tribal, do it.

Capturing that tribal feel, the lettering's a little bit lost.

You, basically just have bold pointy letters.

- [Dave] Halo.

- I'm a big pit bull, guy.

The smile that the dog has, it's, the one that you're looking for when you get home.

And you captured it.

The lettering, especially is very, very nice.

The, fine details are really what make it stand out.

- [Dave] Matti.

- I'm a big fan of simple lettering, but I like to see spacing exactly the same.

You've gotta make that lettering dead even.

- Matti should worry less about talking (beep) about me and get his head back in the game.


This tattoo looks like straight garbage today.

- [Dave] Scott.

- You showed great adaptability in this, being able to pull off graffiti, lettering.

It's kind of hard to read, but that's kind of the idea of graffiti style, writing., So, I think he did a very good job.

- [Dave] Kyle.

- This is a nice soft tattoo.

But you definitely need the other side of the veins.

And the leaves.

I would like to see that stem cut back in a silhouette behind the carpe to give us that inference that its back there, but you gave your client, a really nice tattoo, today.

- Of course.

The judges find several things.

They don't like about my tattoo.

It's frustrating, especially when they find nothing wrong with Scott's tattoo.

Even, though it's flag is going backwards and you can't what it says.

- All right? Guys, today's challenge, adaptability.

- [Chris] I'm, putting King Ruck in the bottom, just for not finishing.

You have to be adaptable to your time.


- Something that surprised me today was Matti's turnout.

- This is the first design that's.

A total hiccup.

And that lettering was weak.


Think what we're seeing outta Matti is extreme fatigue., This, isn't, a place to be taking a rest.

- [Dave] Sausage came up with his own lettering that fit the extreme sports vibe.

- [Chris] Very solid, very clean tattoo.

- Yeah.

One of the top tattoos of the day, undoubtedly Halo.

- The way that he used all of the shading and left little hints of open skin, really captured the look of that dog.

And, badass, lettering.

- All right.


It looks like we have a decision? - We do.

- Let's go.

Let them know.


We asked you to use your adaptability, to create a tattoo with an image and lettering that flowed together.


Some of you did not impress us.

- Those of you that struggled, you know who you are.


This was an elimination.

You guys would be in some (beep).

The way.

This competition's going, you never know if this could be an elimination.

You got lucky today.

You dodged a bullet.

- Some of you succeeded.

Halo, for you to put these two elements together in such a nice way, very good job.

- Sausage.

- Sausage, your adaptability man, knowing that any tattoo that comes into the shop.

You can knock it out and do it with some flare and some style, that's.

The kind of thing that wins this competition.

- The judges have decided that the winner of today's flash challenge is, Halo.

- [Man] Good, job, buddy., (all, clapping) - Thank you.

- Man I've had my finger in your chest for a few critiques.

And today, you delivered.

The incorporation of the design, to the lettering with the smooth application, really stood out from the pack.

- The.

Six of you are going to have one more chance to prove you have the essential skills to continue in this competition.

You must now face off against your rival.


And your rival must tattoo.


One, rival will win and one and rival will lose.


And you could end up being the first artist to pack your machines and close shop.

You've been randomly assigned an open canvas.

And you will have four hours to tattoo.


There is a catch.

Your rival will impact your fate because your rival will pick the style.

You must tattoo.


What style do you pick for Ty'esha? - Cursive lettering.

- LT gave me lettering., Come on.

Like are you serious? Everyone learned how to do lettering in the begin in of tattoo.

LT thought he was really screwing me, but I'm definitely gonna have the last laugh.

- Today, our rival assigned you a style that they thought would get you out of the competition for good.

Let's, see how you did.


LT gave you cursive lettering.

- It was a little on the stupid side.


First thing you learn in the tattooing industry is lettering.

- Looking at your lettering up, close, there's, not a single loop or swirl that we don't see a hiccup in.

- Let's look at your two Ls in Bella.

You, see that redness around that? - [Ty'esha] Yes.

- You know what that's from? A lot of passes.

This is a one pass tattoo with anybody who's proficient at doing an outline.


You could sit down and tattoo right? Now.

Would it look completely different? - Absolutely.

This? Isn't, me., That's, not my work.


Not gonna happen again.

- This week, we're testing precision.

- You have to be precise.

Because once you put a line in the skin, it's, there forever.

One little line, outta place ruins your whole tattoo.

- For today's flash challenge.

You must design custom lettering from scratch without using any reference.

- Coming up with your own original font., Yeah, that's, hard., There's so much room for error.

- And.

You must tattoo body parts so small.

But so visible, precision is absolutely necessary.

The knuckles.

- Tattooing.

The knuckles is difficult, because if you go too deep, or if you blow it, out, you're, screwed.


If you don't get it in there, deep enough, it's, not gonna stay.

Your knuckles are super visible.

You can't hide them., Unless, you're wearing a glove.

- Oh! - You have three hours to tattoo.

Your canvas' knuckles with custom lettering.


Your time starts now.

- How.

You doing? Sausage - How.

You doing? - Hi.

- Today.

The stakes are the highest they're gonna be.

- I'm just gonna take my time and try and get the letters to all look like they go together.

- [Chris] Precision's everything when it comes to knuckle tattoos.

- I, wanna do something that's old.

That has a lot of little tricks in it.

- It is an awkward shape to stretch an awkward shape to hold.

You, see a lot of tattooers, not really sure how exactly to place their hand to be able to run a perfectly straight line.

- So I'm, just gonna take each individual finger and kind of wrap it like this.

Keep your hand as limp as you can.

- There's, no hiding your hands.

If it's, not done properly, you're, (beep).

- All color.

- Yes.

- The hardest thing about this is that it's knuckles, their color will almost just disappear.

Super quick.

There is absolutely no way.

I'm gonna be able to do this in full color.

If, I can't get my canvas to change her mind, I'm in trouble.

Now I'm, not opposed to putting color in there.


Just wanted put black in there.

- I didn't.

Want it to be harsh.

I like the colorful aspect of the tattoo.

- And I want be able to give you what you want, if we can be on the same page.

And so that I can give a little.

And then if you can give a little, then we can hit this one out of the park.

- All right Ray.

This stings a little that means it's, working., (machine, buzzing) - Megan Jean's, not looking out for me.

So she's, not in my alliance, anymore.

- They're all too low.

- Okay.

- They're like creeping down real close to those knuckles.

You know, but I, mean, style, wise, it's, perfect.

- All right? Guys.

One hour, remaining, one hour to go.

- There's a lot of stress going into this knuckle tattoo because it's negative letters.

Since you're, making it negative.

It's gotta be like thicker parts in it.

I have to tattoo the outside of the finger and not the inside of the letters.

Sit still., I, can't, make them too small or too thin or else.

It'll close up over time.

Keep them, real nice and clean.

I have to be so super careful.

- What.

Do you think? - This is lovely.

- I'm feeling a lot of pressure to live up to what everyone is expecting from me.

- Five , four, three, two, one, machines, down., No, more ink.

- Thank you so much.

- Yeah, definitely, come here.

- It's, definitely my style.

So awesome.

- Where's Sarah, getting her font, from, a dumpster? I can't believe that Sarah is such a specialist that she can't even do letters.

- Okay, artists, it's now time to critique your work.


When I heard the idea of the negative lettering, I, wasn't, quite sure how that would go.

And I think you did a really great job.


- I tried to be really precise with the lines.

I used some stippling in the background.

So it doesn't get all muddied up as time goes on.

- [Chris] The stipple effect gives it a nice fade, gives him the negative approach that he wanted.

Great job.

- Sausage, when you got here, you insisted, no black., What happened? - I listened to my artist.

- I think the color came out nice.

But your line work is lacking.

Some precision here.

You have some discrepancies in some of the lines where your lines in some of 'em trail, off, some of 'em in bluntly.

Particularly on the bottom of the F.

It just doesn't end as nicely as the I's or the R.

- Sausage's is a bad tattoo.

He, just didn't make good decisions.

He's, totally screwed.

- Jimmy.

One of the great tests of precision is when you have two of the same letters, keeping those letters similar.


You've done here with the S's and it's, delicate and feminine.

I think it's exactly what you wanted.


- [Chris] The.

Most impressive part about your tattoo is how perfectly they line up straight across.

Both knuckles.

This is probably the straightest lettering of the day.

Precision in this really is your application with your color, it's, a good job.

- Thanks.

- [Dave] Anthony.

- [Chris] Your.

Big lines are all bold and solid, but I gotta call you out on the precision.

The consistency in the small lines is very wavering.

- Your spelling killer a certain way., So you're already dealing with something that's difficult to read.

And then you got a very elaborate font, there.

Maybe, not the most legible thing.

Megan, Jean.

- [Chris] Your tattoos, stand out really bold.


When you look at 'em close, they look very clean.


Only really one discrepancy on the way you did the traditional A's.

You have the line going through the open part of the A.

Instead of it just coming out from behind it.

These tattoos are gonna hold.

- Cleen.

- They're definitely very strong, bold.



Black is nice.

A little bit of gray, highlights give it finesse.

You have three letters that you have on both fingers.

You have the L the I and the E, they all match perfectly, which really shows that you're able to mimic your own lettering, repeatedly.

It's, strong.

- Thanks.

- Sarah.

- Some of the lines.

Look a little more sculpted than others.


Farthest right portion of the W is a little bit close to the center.

So aging, over time.

You could have an issue there.


You missed the mark on the Os.

The style of font that you chose made it very difficult to get those concentric lines on a finger and just looked like a crappy Avalon donut.

- All right.

Guys, today.

We're testing precision, with knuckle tattoos.

- Sarah's tattoo is probably one of the most unprecise ones of the day.

Trying to do concentric two circles inside each other on the finger, that just showcases every little mistake.

I, really dislike sausages, tattoo.

- Lot of problems with the line.

Weights, lot of problems with how the lettering is placed.


He is uncomfortable.

You can see the in his finished product.

Who's in the lead here? - Christian definitely had the most precise, layout.

It's, very clear., It's, very legible., It's, a great job.

I think Clean really shows precision in his tattoo because he matches three like letters over the course of the two hands.


He repeats six times the same lettering style and really nails the craftsmanship of the letter.

- Wanna.

Let 'em know? - Yeah.

- Let's do it.


You had to use precision to help your canvases make a noticeable statement.

The judges have decided the winner of the flash challenge, is Cleen Ruck One.

- Clean I.

Think you really showed off today with precision, because you matched those same letters.

You matched the Ls, you matched the Is and you matched the Es in that hand, style.

And, I think you did a really good job.

- Yesterday.

You tattooed the left side of the brain for the first six hours of a 12-hour head, tattoo., And, you're being judged on adaptability.

One of the best ways to prove your adaptability is to finish what someone else started.

- What? - That's right.

You must all swap canvases.


Another artist will be finishing what you started.

And you must finish what someone else started.

Tattooing, the right side of someone else's brain.

- Hell yeah.

- This is total chess.

- [Dave] One by one.

Please choose a skull.


Come on up.

- Huh, 10, 10., I basically have to do the tattoo that no one else wants to do., Oh, (beep), this.

- Okay.

So that means Sketchy, you get Nate's canvas.

- Word.

Sure, enough, I'm, getting Nate's canvas.

Who wants all the bells and whistles? I'm (beep)., You want a tree, a skull, a flag.

- It doesn't really have to be a tree.


Just want it family oriented.

- What about some sick ass like script along the side that says, family.

If you.

Let me do my thing, I've done head, tattoos.

I've done some fire ass.

Script, man., And, you're gonna love the (beep).

- Hook.

It up.

- Hook.

It up? - Yep.

- My dude.

He sees where I'm coming from and he's gonna let me ride with it.

It's, just freestyle, script, man., Hand, script.

- Almost like graffiti.

- This guy wanted a family tattoo and Sketchy just kind of gave up and just wrote family on the guy's head.

What?, How, lazy are you? - What kind of writing.

Did you say it was? - I just call it gangster (beep).

- This week.

You tattooed 12 hours., six hours on the left side of a canvas' head and six hours on the right side of another canvas's head.


Another artist's, design.


- [Chris] As far as adaptability Goes.

Your canvas had a crazy idea.

You, simplified it., I think, it's the easy way out.

- Tried to adapt man.

- [Chris] There is a lot of sketchy outlines in this.

This tattoo.

Right now, puts you in a very vulnerable spot.

- Frankly.

This head doesn't really seem to work together.

- This one for me is a drop.

- This week.

You had to show adaptability.

Based on your work.

One of you will close shop.

This decision is far from made.

We are not in agreement.

Let's talk.

This out.

Let's move on to Sketchy.

- [Chris] Man.

This family thing is hard for me to swallow.

That Y.

The way it goes over the ear, out of sorts.

The skull with just no interaction between the family just popped there.

- I felt more comfortable doing this than a tree.

And all those crazy ideas.

I was confident in it.

- That's kind of my concern.

You were cruising.

And you got really comfortable 'cause.

You didn't feel like your was on the line.

- I don't know, man.

- When you look at what the field was doing.

There was a lot of strong artwork out there, and you needed to be as strong as them on paper.


These were just really big and simple.

- I do script.

All the time, man and it's good.

This time.

It just wasn't.

- Artists, week after week, your coaches have been pushing you to your limits.

Now it's time for you to push them to their limits.

- What does that even mean? - This ought to be fun.

- Team Clean, you'll, determine two of the subjects and styles that both coaches must tattoo.

- We're just gonna have to figure out how to stop Christian.

- I've got some ideas.

- Team Christian, you'll, determine the other two subjects and styles, creating four head-to-head face offs and your coaches specialties are off the table.

- Oh.

My God! (laughing) - Which means no new school and no black and gray realism., (beep), Team Cleen.

What are you assigning for the fourth face? Off? - Colored graffiti, lettering.

- I didn't, even see this coming., I'm so excited, right? Now., I know, Christian's gonna flatten the bed on this one.

- All right.

The grudge match is set.

Good luck.

- Let's do it.

- All right.

- Today we're testing technical applications.


We want to see these guys knock these things out of the park clean as can be.

- You have one hour to tattoo color, graffiti, lettering, and your time starts now., (upbeat, music), (machines, buzzing) - I'm gonna do golden yellow and then yellow, white highlights.

- I spent most of my childhood doing graffiti.

Graffiti lettering, pretty much developed me into a new school.


How much time.

We got? - 34 and a half.

- I'm gonna have to make sure I'm hauling ass.

Wall to wall saturation and solid color.

- All right? Guys.

You have 15 minutes, left.

- Sorry bud.

- Stay up from behind me.


- What.

Does it read? Ink? - Don't even talk to me.

- Hey Cleen,? Why do you only have your bottom? Guys? Talk (beep).

- Everybody's got a (beep) place on the team.

(upbeat music) - Five , four, three, two, one., That's, it, machines.

Down, time is up.

Grudge match over.

- Yes.

- Good job.


You're, a (beep) beast! - Woo! - The.

First time, I tagged anything was about two weeks.


- It showed., (Cleen, laughing) - Cleen definitely didn't.

Let us down on this one.

No way.

- Okay.

It is time to critique your work.

- Cleen I like the lettering style on this one.

The fade of the colors from yellow to that orange, with the teal around the outside to create the color border looks really good.

This definitely has a graffiti look.

- Christian.

- You definitely went a little more complex and a little bigger.

There are some areas in your color, where you go outside the line, a little bit.

- Time to determine the winner of the last face off.

- Cleen.

- Hell yeah.

- Good job.

- Yeah, man.

(clapping) - Hell yeah.

- Congratulations Cleen.

(upbeat music).


Is Ink Masters fake? ›

While the show seems like there is no way it can be fake, with the permanence of the tattoos being very real, former contestants and human canvases have come forward saying that the show is not as authentic as showrunners want fans to believe, with much of the drama being fabricated and creative editing.

Do bad Ink Master tattoos get fixed? ›

The poorly done tattoos on Ink Master don't get fixed by the contestants or by the show. If the human canvasses are unhappy with the work, then it's up to them to get the tattoo repaired, covered up or removed at a later date. They're also responsible for any costs.

What is lettering tattoo style? ›

Unlike tattoos that depict images, lettering tattoos focus on the beauty of the letter and words themselves rather than a particular scene or image. With a lettering tattoo, the focus of the art comes down to the particular script or font used, as well as the meaning of the words.

What happens if you don't like your tattoo on Ink Master? ›

Not much can be done if they don't like the tattoo. It's permanent. Any alterations or cover ups are at the expense of the client. There are no guarantees that you'll have any input into the art fine on you.

How much of Ink Masters is staged? ›

While the show seems like there is no way it can be fake, with the permanence of the tattoos being very real, former contestants and human canvases have come forward saying that the show is not as authentic as showrunners want fans to believe, with much of the drama being fabricated and creative editing.

Why did Dave Navarro leave Ink Master? ›

Navarro recorded one studio album with the band, One Hot Minute (1995), before leaving in 1998 due to creative differences. Ink Master is executively produced by Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock and Andrea Richter, while Donny Hugo Herran is an executive in charge of production for MTV Entertainment Studios.

Who is the most successful tattoo artist from Ink Master? ›

Anthony is a well-known tattoo artist who gained national recognition after winning the popular reality TV show "Ink Master" in 2016.

Did Ink Master really tattoo inmates? ›

Prison Tattoos

The season three Ink Master contestants were thrown in at the deep end when they were taken to jail to accomplish the task of tattooing a real prisoner using a single needle machine. Luckily for the artists, the criminal canvases all loved their ink, though it must have been an intimidating session.

Do tattoo artists reuse ink? ›

Where and how does the artist store and use supplies? Most of the supplies used — ink, water, needles — in a reputable shop are only used once and thrown away. Make sure your artist is not taking leftover ink and returning it to a universal container. It should be thrown out.

What is the best lettering for tattoos? ›

Script: Script fonts are very popular for tattoos because they are elegant and easy to read. Script fonts can be used to create names, quotes, or other short phrase tattoos. 6. Sans Serif: Sans serif fonts are popular because they are clean and easy to read.

What color is best for lettering tattoo? ›

Things like small, detailed tattoos and scripts are better when executed in black and gray. Choosing black or gray for these tattoos will make sure they are readable and are less likely to bleed into a messy blob of ink.

Do lettering tattoos age well? ›

Tattoos can start to fade over time with the lettering appearing less vibrant and more blurry and the colours fading in colourful tattoos. There are things that you can do, however, to slow down this aging process to help your tattoos remain fresh-looking for longer.

What annoys tattoo artists? ›

Tattoo Etiquette: 11 Annoying Things People Say and Do In Tattoo Shops
  • Not Showering Beforehand. ...
  • Micromanaging the Process. ...
  • Comparing an Artist's Work to Someone Else's. ...
  • Negotiating or Criticizing the Price. ...
  • Acting Like a Know-It-All. ...
  • Bringing a Bunch of Friends. ...
  • Asking an Artist to Copy Someone's Work. ...
  • Walking in Wasted.

What should I not tell my tattoo artist? ›

Talking Too Much About Price

While it's fine to talk about the cost of your tattoo, artists can get annoyed when their clients try to haggle for a better price, or say that they plan to go somewhere cheaper. Not only can this be insulting to the artist, but "most 'cheap' tattoos reflect their price," Palomino says.

What do tattoo artists not like? ›

Poor Hygiene. It may seem like an obvious courtesy, but plenty of tattoo artists have horror stories about clients showing up to appointments unbathed. Artists tend to work in close proximity to their clients and so excessive odors can distract them from their work.

Had a girl won Ink Master? ›

In late 2016, Ashley appeared on Ink Master, a reality competition television series in which tattoo artists participate in artistic challenges to outlast other competitors and receive the season's title and monetary prize. Ashley was the eighth season's champion, the first woman to win the title.

Who gets paid on Ink Master? ›

You also must be vaccinated against COVID-19 at the time of filming. Ink Master canvases do not have to pay for their tattoos, but they do not get any monetary compensation for being on the show, either.

What happened to Nunez from Ink Master? ›

He now owns Liberty City Tattoo in Wynwood-Miami, Florida. He was a cast member of the TLC network's reality show Miami Ink, and later became a judge on the Spike network's reality competition, Ink Master, in which tattoo artists compete in challenges assessing their tattoo and related artistic skills.

Do Ink Master contestants live together? ›

McManus and the other 15 contestants lived together in a loft while the show was filmed. He said his favorite part about the show was the cast. "A lot of people get really competitive, like 'I'm not here for friends. ' I was like, 'I love friends,'" McManus said.

What is Dave Navarro doing now? ›

Dave Navarro, who served as host for Ink Master's first 13 seasons, returns as the Master of Chaos, according to Paramount+, introducing crazy twists and game-changing bombs to the competition.

Who is the youngest tattoo artist on Ink Master? ›

Garrett Bisbee is one of 24 contestants on the current season of "Ink Master." At 23 years old, the Riverwest tattoo artist is the youngest competitor.

Who is the top 1 tattoo artist in the world? ›

Top 15 Tattoo Artists In The World:
  1. Bang Bang: Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy is a famous American tattoo artist in New York. ...
  2. Horiyoshi III: ...
  3. Kat Von D: ...
  4. Sarah Gaugler: ...
  5. Lokesh Verma: ...
  6. Scott Campbell: ...
  7. Joey Pang: ...
  8. InalBersekov:

Who won Ink Master 2 times? ›

DJ Tambe is an award winning tattoo artist, who's 20+ year career has taken him from his home base in Las Vegas Nevada, across the country to dozens of conventions, and most recently into people's homes as the 2-time winner of Ink Master.

Was anyone from black ink on Ink Master? ›

Dallas native, Kevin Laroy, is a celebrity tattoo artist, actor and fashion forerunner who is widely-known for his appearance on Season 8 of VH1's Ink Master, and seasons 5 & 6 break-out star for Black Ink Crew.

Who did not have tattoos on Ink Master? ›

1 Jamie Davies - Ink Master 2

The reason why Jamie had the most controversial elimination was because guest judge Forrest Cavacco judged him not because of the tattoo he did, but the fact that Jamie had no tattoos of any sort.

What happens to tattoo ink when it expires? ›

Old, expired black tattoo ink can lead to dull gray results when used. Likewise, the vibrant colors of blue tattoo ink, pink tattoo ink, and other color tattoo inks will not be as vibrant and true as they were when the tattoo ink was fresh.

What happens to ink after tattoo removal? ›

After the laser-removal process, which Doft notes, typically works best on darker, older tattoos, the ink is recognized as waste within the lymphatic system and discarded via either sweat, urine, or fecal matter.

How long does tattoo ink actually last? ›

Any reputable artist will be diligent about the expiration dates listed by the manufacturers on their arsenal of inks, which “typically last around two years, depending on the company,” explains Inshaan Ali, a senior artist at Toronto-based studio Ink & Water.

What does the the Bible say about tattoos? ›

But in the ancient Middle East, the writers of the Hebrew Bible forbade tattooing. Per Leviticus 19:28, “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves.” Historically, scholars have often understood this as a warning against pagan practices of mourning.

What type of tattoo is attractive? ›

Minimalist designs, unsurprisingly, are preferred among those who often dislike tattoos. These styles can include subtle linework of arrows, boundaries of states or countries, geometric shapes and outlines of animals or mythological creatures. Japanese tattoos were the second most attractive style for both groups.

What tattoo ink do most tattoo artists use? ›

Black tattoo ink is the most commonly used color in tattooing. It is generally used to create solid, bold lines and to provide depth and contrast in a tattoo design. It can also be used for shading and creating gradients of black within a design (which we will discuss in more detail in our grey wash section).

What color tattoo ink to avoid? ›

The reds are perhaps the worst, because they also contain the highly toxic iron oxide and cadmium. * If you really want to get a permanent tattoo, stick with the basics. Black remains safest. Blue and green inks with copper phthalocyanine pigments are safe too.

What's the best time to get a tattoo? ›

Winter is THE best time of year to get tattooed
  • It's easier and more comfortable to heal your tattoo… ...
  • Easier to cover up in winter… ...
  • It won't impact your summer extra curricular activities… ...
  • Tattoo shops are quieter in winter… ...
  • Your new tattoo will be fully healed by summer…
Apr 20, 2022

What tattoo colors fade the most? ›

Pastel colors and white are the lightest tattoo colors; thus, they fade the quickest among all colors. They generally last for about five to eight years before fading. Moreover, pastel and white ink colors may look like scars if not done correctly.

Where is the best place to put a word tattoo? ›

Chest: The chest is a popular spot for letter tattoos, as it allows for a larger tattoo and can be a great spot for a word or phrase that holds significant meaning. Arm: The arm is another popular placement for letter tattoos, particularly the bicep or forearm. This area can be great for smaller tattoos or initials.

Where do quote tattoos look best? ›

Four Perfect Places on Your Body to Get Your Favorite Quote Tattooed
  • The Foot. The lateral (or outer) side of the foot a very popular place to get a quote tattooed in cursive script, as it flows well with the arch. ...
  • The Inner Forearm. ...
  • Side of the Ribs. ...
  • Along the Spine.
Oct 4, 2021

What body parts do tattoos age best on? ›

These parts of the body are the best places to get a tattoo for minimal aging.
  • Inner Forearm. This is proven to be the best area to get a tattoo when it comes to aging. ...
  • Upper, Outer Chest. This area is normally covered by clothing, which means it is not often exposed to the sun. ...
  • Back of The Neck. ...
  • Lower Back.
Aug 27, 2016

Do tattoo artists like when you talk to them? ›

Some artists love to gab while tattooing but others prefer to be quiet. Let the artist take the lead or ask them what they prefer. Do bring a book to read or movie to watch provided you can do it without moving. Do let your artist take the lead on whether or not to talk.

Is it rude to ask tattoo price? ›

It isn't considered rude, though there should probably be a little consulting before asking that question. Figure out some ideas, get a game plan for exactly what you want to get done, then ask the question. Just walking into a parlor and ask “To how much a sleeve?” will definitely get you an eye roll.

What tattoos calm you down? ›

"Spiritual tattoos — mandala, hamsa, chakra, tree of life, Budha, lotus, etc. — are common for battling anxiety. They symbolize the overcoming of struggle, protection, self care, rebirth, the circle of life, kindness, strength, new challenges, and new beginnings."

What tattoos to avoid? ›

6 Popular Tattoos You Should Never Get, Experts Say
  • Lions.
  • Anything that's been copyrighted.
  • Runes.
  • Memes.
  • Pocket watches.
  • A significant other's name.
Sep 2, 2022

Is it rude to not tip a tattoo artist? ›

Just as you would tip your waiter or hairdresser, it is polite to tip your tattoo artist for their time and skill. Of course, the amount you choose to tip is entirely up to you. A general guideline is to tip between 15-20% of the total cost of your tattoo.

Do you tip for a free tattoo touch up? ›

Plus, many artists offer free touch-ups after the tattoo is completed. (Just make sure to tip your artist, even for a complementary touch-up session!)

What is the most difficult tattoo style? ›

Realistic And Portraiture

The most difficult form of realism in tattooing is probably portraiture, because it requires the artist to capture both the likeness and character of a real person. Realistic tattoos can be created using colour, or in black and grey form.

What tattoos do artists love doing? ›

Mandala and blackwork tattoos are popular among artists. Designs with tiny text can get blurry with time, and winged-eyeliner tattoos can age poorly.

What do tattoo artists refuse to do? ›

A tattoo artist may refuse to do a tattoo if the design is racist, sexist, homophobic, or promotes hate speech. In such cases, tattoo artists may refuse to do the tattoo as it goes against their personal beliefs, and they don't want to promote offensive or discriminatory designs.

Does everyone on Ink Master get paid? ›

You must be wondering if the canvases get paid to be tattooed. Even though the canvases are the key element that makes the show possible, they are not paid to be on the show. Each of the canvases has his/her own reason for taking part in the series.

How are Ink Master contestants chosen? ›

The easiest way to get on Ink Master is to routinely check their casting website, which is On the website, they have applications for tattoo artists to be on the show and for what they call "Human Canvases," or subjects for the tattoo artists to work on.

Has a girl won Ink Master? ›

In late 2016, Ashley appeared on Ink Master, a reality competition television series in which tattoo artists participate in artistic challenges to outlast other competitors and receive the season's title and monetary prize. Ashley was the eighth season's champion, the first woman to win the title.

How to get a free tattoo on Ink Master? ›

Do Ink Master canvases pay for their tattoos? No, Ink Master canvases don't have to pay for their tattoos. If you are selected to be on Ink Master, you will not have to pay your tattoo artist nor the producers of the show for your tattoo. That's the beauty of Ink Master—you get tattooed free of charge!

Do canvases on Ink Master have to pay for their tattoos? ›

Each has their own reason for signing up: Some, like Grazianno, are “experience junkies,” while others are just out for a free tattoo. (Canvases are not paid to be on the show, and while they get to pick the tattoo in some challenges, they have to be up for anything in others.)

Is tattoo Redo fake? ›

Viewers should remember a few things though. 1. The show is edited to create suspense. Not scripted, EDITED.

How long are Ink Master contestants away from home? ›

“I was there for about two months," she says. "There were only two episodes left [after I was eliminated], so a full two months is the extent of how long you're there if you make it that far."

Who got pregnant on Ink Master? ›

“And then about an hour and a half later, I got the call for this show.” But as it happens, that wasn't the only exciting call the Ink Master got that day, “And then 10 minutes after that call, my little sister called and told me that she was pregnant,” Ryan Ashley explains. “It was the craziest day of my life.”

Who got married from Ink Master? ›

Ink Master: Angels star Gia Rose is set to get married — after getting engaged! The tattoo star, who stepped down from the show earlier this month over health issues, revealed the news in a post on Instagram showing off her dazzling ring.

Who is the youngest Ink Master contestants? ›

Garrett Bisbee is one of 24 contestants on the current season of "Ink Master." At 23 years old, the Riverwest tattoo artist is the youngest competitor.

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